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Chatbots are finally effortless.

Intercom alternative that enhances customer service while reducing costs.

Chatness AI
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Chatness is an Intercom alternative that enhances customer service while reducing costs. We help businesses automate tasks, sales, and marketing. Create your own chatbot in minutes.

Chatness Widget

Your new companion for support requests

  • Less than 150kb in size hosted on a global CDN
  • Integrates with any website or app
  • Works with anonymous and authenticated users
  • Collect leads and contacts by default
  • Support escalation and notifications
  • Trigger custom automations in inference time
  • Upload images, videos and documents
  • User feedback and statistics
  • Restful API and SDKs for custom authentication
  • Comprehensive set of branding customizations

How It Works?

Get started with Chatness in minutes


Sign up and load the widget

Add Chatness widget using a script tag or npm package.


Create custom intents

Trigger automations and collect leads.


Add integrations

We provide integrations with popular tools like: Discord, Facebook Messenger, Google Calendar, and WhatsApp.

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Get started with Chatness this afternoon

Each subscription goes towards aggressively adding new features built with customers' best interests at heart, including your privacy.

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