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Discord Integration

With the Discord integration you can sync the conversations (Threads) inside a channel of your choice, and have all your team members collaborate on the same conversation. Messages sent from the Discord channel is also synced back to the Chatness AI platform and shown to your users.

To enable the Discord integration go to Integrations > Plus Icon > Discord and follow the instructions:

  1. Click the Connect Account button to connect your Discord account.
  2. Once authorized you should see a list of channels to picl from
  3. Optionally activate the mention @here option to notify all members of the channel when a new conversation (Thread) is created.
  4. Set up your team members Discord usernames so that they can be matched within Chatness AI accounts, otherwise the reply coming from Discord will be impersonated by the bot.

If you face any issue with your Discord integration, or have any question, please let us know.

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