Welcome to the official documentation for Chatness AI. Chatness AI is a powerful platform that empowers you to create intelligent virtual agents, also known as bots, that can interact with your users through chat interfaces and also connect your bot with your own backend. Our platform leverages the advanced capabilities of OpenAI models, allowing you to build highly customized and responsive bots.

Chatness AI offers a versatile platform for creating virtual agents that can cater to a variety of use cases. Whether you're looking to enhance customer support, engage in marketing initiatives, or provide entertainment, our bots have got you covered. Each bot is equipped with unique instructions, branding options, native integrations, and customization features that enable dynamic interactions with your users.

Key Use Cases

  • Customer Support: Utilize bots to efficiently handle customer inquiries and provide quick solutions. Bots can answer FAQs, collect feedback, and escalate support issues when needed.

  • Marketing Strategies: Leverage bots to promote your business, generate leads, and provide information about your products. Bots can collect user data, schedule appointments, and assist with marketing campaigns.

  • Anything Else: Bots can be used for a variety of other use cases, including entertainment, education, and more. The possibilities are endless using our custom intents and integrations!

Getting Started

Getting started with Chatness AI is easy! Follow these steps to set up your bot and begin interacting with your users:

  1. Sign Up: Create a free trial account on Chatness AI to get started. Credit card is required to sign up and test Chatness but you will not be charged until your trial period ends and you can cancel anytime with no charges.

  2. Bot Creation: Upon signing up, you'll be directed to the onboarding flow. Alternatively, access it by clicking the "+" button on the left corner of the screen.

  3. Training: To enhance its contextual understanding, you can train your bot on any content from websites, blogs, e-commerce platforms, documentation or any other public information. You can also upload documents in a variety of formats, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, TXT, and more.

  4. Integrations: Connect your bot with your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Calendar and more to enable seamless interactions with your users.

  5. Intents: Define custom user intents to connect with your backend. Intents are the building blocks of your bot's conversational capabilities.

  6. Branding: Customize your bot's branding, including its name, logo, avatar, colors, and more. Personalize the chat widget's appearance to match your brand identity.

  7. Interact: Start interacting with your bot right away from the admin app and once you find it's good to go, embed the provided code snippet within your website's HTML to start interacting with your users.

Advanced Configuration

Chatness AI provides advanced configuration options to fine-tune your bot's behavior:

  • Bot Settings: Enable/disable your bot's status, temperature, frequency and prensence penalties to align with your requirements. By default your bot will use ChatGPT-4 model for a seemingly human-like experience.

  • Bot Prompt: Customize the System Introduction, Context Fallback, Thread Greetings, Fallback Prompts, Initial Prompts and activate the widget Flyover to get the most out of your bot.

  • Team Collaboration: Manage your bot's team members with different roles. Facilitate collaboration among various teams in your organization.


Chatness AI offers seamless integrations to enhance your bot's functionality:

  • Discord Integration: Sync your bot's conversations within a Discord channel, enabling team collaboration and streamlined communication.

  • WhatsApp Integration: Attach the Chatness AI widget to your WhatsApp Business Account, extending your bot's reach to the WhatsApp platform.

  • Facebook Messenger Integration: Connect your bot with your Facebook Messenger account to enable interactions with your users on the Facebook platform.

  • Google Calendar Integration: Connect your bot with your Google Calendar account to enable automated scheduling and appointment booking.

Let's Get Started!

Ready to create intelligent bots that cater to your users' needs? Explore our comprehensive documentation to uncover all the features, settings, and options that Chatness AI offers. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, our documentation has something for you. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's embark on a journey of creating smarter, more interactive, and engaging user experiences with Chatness AI!



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