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Access the team management by selecting your bot in the left corner of the app and clicking the Team option under the Setup heading.

Each bot in Chatness has its own set of team members. Bot owners and admins can invite an unlimited number of team members.

After you invite a team member, they will receive an email with a link to join your bot. If they do not have a Chatness account, a new account will be created automatically and they will be able to change their password using the reset link. Team members don't need to pay or have an active organization to join your bot.

Team members can have different roles, currently the available options are:


Can perform any action on the bot, including setup, except deleting it. Please contact us if you want to delete your bot or account.


Can view and write on Threads, Dashboard and Knowledge Base. Setup not allowed. For example, this could be your customer support team.


Can only view Threads, Dashboard and Knowledge Base. Setup and replies not allowed. For example, this could be your marketing team.

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