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See how to implement Chatness with some of the most popular platforms.


Here's how you can easily install the Chatness AI chatbot widget on your Carrd website.

  1. Log in to your Carrd account and once you're in the editor click the + icon at the top/right corner;
  2. Select Embed to create a new Embed element;
  3. Set Type to Code;
  4. Paste the Chatness AI chatbot widget code into the Code field;
  5. Optionally set Label to something that helps identify this particular embed, eg. Chatness Widget.
  6. Choose the embed's Style to be Hidden and location Head

You're done! Your Chatness widget should now be visible on the published site. Note that the embed element will not actually output anything in the builder so you'll need to publish the site to see it in action.


  1. Log in to your Framer account and click on F menu button at the top/left corner;
  2. Select Site Settings > Open Settings;
  3. Scroll down to the Custom Code section;
  4. Look for the End of <head> tag block and paste the Chatness AI chatbot widget code into it;
  5. Hit the Save and then Publish button located on the top/right corner and you're done!


  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to Sales Channels > Themes;
  2. Look for the Customize button on the Themes page;
  3. Click on the three dots button on the top left corner of the Editor and select Edit Code;
  4. Look for the theme.liquid file and click on it;
  5. Locate the ending </head> tag and paste the Chatness AI chatbot widget code right before it;
  6. Hit the Save button located on the top/right corner of editor and you're done!


  1. Log in to your wordpress and go to Tools > Theme File Editor;
  2. Look for the header.html under parts at the right side of the screen;
  3. Paste the code you copied from the Widget Installation in the end of the editor;
  4. Hit the Update File button at the bottom of the editor and you're done!

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